This is a super easy project, but may be frustrating for those who like perfection.

There aren’t many steps, and they’re not very in depth so take your time and do your best!

What you’ll need:

  1. An unfinished wood bangle
  2. Some paint for a base color
  3. Rub-on design
  4. Art sealant

Step 1: Paint your bangle’s base color

If no one around you supplies unfinished wood bangles you can get them on Amazon, Etsy or any number of online retailers.

Ok, so paint your bangle! I chose white. You’ll notice I use white a lot as a base color because it’s always best to work from lightest to darkest with your colors. It’s also great for making colors and designs pop. For this base color I used FolkArt multi-surface satin acrylic paint in color 2894, Wicker White.

Step 2: Prepare your rub-on design

While your base coat of color is drying (make sure it’s fully dry), make sure you have your design ready. I chose flowers so I cut them apart so I could apply them individually in the design I want.

Step 3: Apply your design

Keep in mind that your bangle, if it’s like mine, is curved. This means your design may not go on perfectly (this is the part that will bother those who strive for perfection). If you can manage to make your design go on perfectly that’s fantastic and by all means, do your very best! I on the other hand love the imperfection in mine (which I’m going to show you as we go).

Apply your design according to the instructions, but typically you’ll use a popsicle stick to rub the design from the plastic onto the wood. The plastic is generally pretty rigid which is where the imperfection comes in. You’ll notice in the photos above and in the photo below that there are breaks and missing pieces from my design. I’m okay with this, and didn’t try to fix it.

Step 4: Seal your work

When you’re finished applying your design, make sure you seal your work with an art sealant. You can use a Krylon clear glaze spray paint, an Americana acrylic spray sealer or something similar. Whatever you can find locally, that is clear and can be used on paint is just fine.

Apply the spray coating in a thin layer, allow it to dry before flipping it over and doing the other side. You want it to dry completely before touching it or you’ll wind up with fingerprints in your finished product, and it may stick to whatever surface you have it resting on.

My bangle isn’t quite finished yet as my clear coat seems to be missing and I need more but I will share the finished product with you when I have it fully completed.

But there you have it! Fun, super easy and doesn’t take a lot of time! I hope you like it. Thanks so much for looking for inspiration!


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