Amphibole is a quartz that contains fibrous inclusions that resemble hair or wood. This is how it gets its nickname of Angel Phantom Quartz. “Angel” because the inclusions often resemble the wings of an angel, and a “Phantom” is a mineral deposit inside the crystal. 

The fibrous inclusions can be a number of different minerals including Limonite, Hematite, Kaolinite or Lithium and the color of the inclusions can range from cream, to red, to grey, to silver. 

It’s a fairly rare stone that is mined in Minas Gerias, Brazil. I’ve heard rumors this mine is now closed though I haven’t actually done the research to confirm it. 

Like other clear quartz, Amphibole, resonates with the crown chakra and the third eye. It helps connect you to your spirit guides and the angelic realm. 


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