Let me start by saying I am NOT an affiliate or influencer for this company. Nor am I paid, or even telling them I’m reviewing their product. I’m not in this for free stuff. I’m just here to share an opinion.

My search for yoga pants brought me to a company called Yoga Democracy. So… this company is American made, and sustainable. Sold right? Yeah me too.

As expensive as they are, I made the decision to buy a matching set. I chose the Beeloved set shown in the images attached to this post (that’s not me wearing them by the way. It’s the image from their website).

Here’s a tidbit taken from their website:

“Zero waste and sweat shop free, our leggings are made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets sustainably sourced in the USA. All excess materials are collected and repurposed to create a zero waste, closed loop manufacturing process.”

Their leggings average about $78 per pair, their sports bras average about $48 per top. A lot, I know.

I can tell you that the leggings are pretty nice. They’re fairly comfortable and I had no issues picking a size that fit well. I’m 5’3 and 130 lbs and I chose a medium in a standard length, not the extra long.


  • The material is pretty comfortable
  • Very breathable
  • Dries quickly
  • Designs are awesome
  • Sustainable, which is awesome. I love everything about the production process.
  • They’re comfortable for Pilates and Yoga
  • They don’t feel restricting


  • A little pricey for the product… they’re good… they might not be $78 good.
  • I find myself pulling them up constantly throughout the day which is a pretty big negative for me. We’re paying good money for these.. I don’t want to have to fuss with them.
  • The material catches on leg stubble

The bra top I can do without.


  • Good support for low key exercise.
  • Very breathable (its the same material as the leggings)
  • Dries quickly just like the leggings
  • Sustainable just like the leggings


  • Super high neckline. I feel like it’s choking me.
  • It’s fairly hard to get on and off… I’m afraid it’s going to rip every time I try.
  • It’s too tight, even though I think a size larger would be too big. Especially if the material expands.


I’d buy another pair of leggings. The bra top… I should have returned. The design needs serious work.

Update: I could do without the leggings as well. As much as I love the look, I am extremely annoyed by how often I need to pull them up. Maybe I picked a size too big? No idea… I might try again in a smaller size but if it does the same thing it will be a hard pass from now on.


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